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Customer Experiences

We believe that our customers’ reviews are the best example of the quality of our service. Read reviews left by our satisfied customers to learn more about how Speedwell Transportation Inc. can help make your move easier.

  • 100% A++
    When I booked my move with this wonderful company, I was already dealing with another company that was not so wonderful. That being said be very careful of the movers you pick. That being said you can't go wrong with Speedwell transportation movers. Right from the start up to and including their office staff, complete experts at what they do. A cut above the rest. The old adage you get what you pay for is 100% right. I placed a phone call to Speedwell, the very very very nice office staff girl, allow me to tell her my horror story about the past movers, bless her heart.... This help me to calm down, sweet of her. So again she immediately put me at ease booked me appointment with Lee... Lee came over the very next day and gave me a quote which was very very reasonable for all the things that I asked him and his crew to do for me. Which included not only moving a lot of items, but also taking apart and putting my sleep number bed back together and the modular base that it sits on. Not an easy task. Lee was absolutely wonderful walk through my house, I showed him everything didn't take but maybe a half an hour, at best, and he got a quote back to me the very same day. Needless to say I definitely responded and booked my move. No drama no problem no nothing. The contract was waiting for me at their office all I had to do was go in and sign it. Easy breezy. Got to meet the very nice office staff that I spoke to. Received my copy and away I went. The day before the move Lee called me on the phone just to confirm and make sure that I was good and if I needed anything else. Now that's customer service, as I said a cut above all the rest. The day of my move the two very very very nice gentleman showed up not only on time but about 10 minutes early. I like that people you can count on, that actually show up on time. They immediately went to work taking special care with everything that I pointed out to them. They move quickly, safely, and expertly. Not only that but after moving all my furniture and all my boxes and crates, there was not one mark left on any wall, My house did not have one tiny bit of damage at all, not even a scratch. And neither did my furniture or any of the items I had moved nothing broken everything perfect. When we arrived at my apartment. I got the same courtesy they moved quickly, safely and expertly again not leaving any marks at no scratches or nothing on the walls. These two guys worked hard very hard. I had an issue with my pedestal for my Sleep number bed apparently sleep number did not send me all of the parts. These two gentlemen did everything they could in their power to make me happy, Including waiting for me to make a phone call to sleep number to find out what was going on. After we found out that their was a problem, completely the fault of sleep number bed. They put my bed on the floor and helped me put it back together. That's really all we could do. We finish the move in record time and these guys really work their very hard. As a matter of fact the lead gentleman told me that when I got the rest of the parts that he'd be more than happy to come back and put it together for me just give Lee a call and I will come right out. They went one step further Lee called me the next day to make sure everything went well and I was happy and also told me when I get the rest of the parts from sleep number to give him a call he'll sell send the gentlemen back and to put it together for me. Now that's service. And that's exactly what you get with Speedwell moving, you get Customer service, whom are expert at what they do. Completely professional, respectful, honest, and hard workers, you can't ask for anything more. I highly recommend you at least get a quote and talk to Lee. You won't be sorry. Again there are a lot of places that say how good they are but talk is cheap! You have to prove what you can do, and who you are and these people definitely do that.. Again a cut above. You Will be very happy you did. Moving is stressful enough you don't need any drama from the movers and these people are professional with an 100% A++.

    - Denise V.

  • This was the best and easiest move I’ve ever had
    This was the best and easiest move I’ve ever had. Jerry was responsive and took care of the coordination. Lee and his crew were the best ever!

    - L.G.

  • Crew was very professional and friendly.

    Crew was very professional and friendly. Did an excellent job. 

    - B.S.

  • Moved delivery up a day due to the efficiency of the packing crew.

    Lucky was a great driver/packer. Appreciate willingness to get the job done well and in a very timely manner. Moved delivery up a day due to the efficiency of the packing crew.

    - G.H.

  • My 6th move and the best packing crew to date.

    My 6th move and the best packing crew to date. Awesome job. 

    - B.H.

  • Crew was top notch.

    Crew was top notch. Aaron was awesome. Such a pleasure.

    - S.N.

  • Great professionals. They worked hard, they worked well together, they worked fast but yet also very careful.

    Jerry, thank you very much. Also, Lee and the team yesterday were great professionals. They worked hard, they worked well together, they worked fast but yet also very careful. It’s a rare combination of talents and skills. Please pass along my sincerest thanks. 

    - D.R.

  • The move went extremely well.

     I would give them 5 stars and recommend them to families and friends. 

    - K.S.